Laggies Trailer is about…. Something


Laggies Trailer is about…. Something
I think.

Truth be told, I have a soft spot for director Lynn Shelton. She made Your Sister’s Sister and I liked it. Arguably because I have a soft spot where my heart is meant to be… BUT NO MATTER! I’m on board for Laggies. It’ll probably be cute and sweet and quirky and weird and funny, all in pleasingly small doses. No need to be a glutton.

But I still have no idea why it’s called Laggies!
I can’t define Laggie for you.
And even if I could, I couldn’t point out more than one from this trailer…

At a guess, Laggies concerns a late twenty something year old Keira Knightly who realizes her masters in ‘Something Fluffy’ no more secures her a promising career than a tasteful ‘B-I-T-E-M-E’ tattoo across her knuckles. And now she’s getting older and panicking because she might be turning into a loser or wasting her precious youth or some other horseshit.

Basically, in Laggies, Keira Knightly responds to the event of adulthood, an event each and every one of us struggle with in one way or another, by moving into a teenage girl’s home and bone-jamming with her daddy.

I’m guessing then, a Laggie is not an individual with boundless ambition….

I’m not sure if Laggies is going for the common ‘relatable’ vibe
i.e. hey, it’s okay, we all struggle
or indeed for the more niche ‘smugness by proxy’ tone
i.e. hey, at least you’ve got your shit together more than this woman, amirite?
Either way, while I may be genetically predisposed to go easy on the titular laggie, primarily because she looks like Keira Knightly, I’m a bit too busy getting on with it like a normal sodding person to swell with sympathy.

That said, I predict Laggies will be sweet enough, for its part, when it lands on October 10th.

Laggies Trailer is about…. Something on
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