Lemony Snicket Netflix show looks ace


Lemony Snicket Netflix show looks ace

I thought the movie version of A Series of Unfortunate Events was pretty great, mostly because of the gorgeous visuals and Jim Carrey's nutso performance as Count Olaf.

Alarmingly that feature came out more than 12 years ago, and while it got good reviews and even made a bit at the box office a franchise never managed to surface.

And so it comes around again, with Netflix bagging the rights for a series. Given that there are 13 books in Daniel Handler's saga so far, it's pretty much a perfect way to present the stories, and the cache of Netflix means that there's a decent budget to throw at the thing too.

The first full trailer for the show has dropped, and it's fair to say that they're taking some inspiration from Brad Silberling's 2004 film.

The design is just lovely to look at, and Neil Patrick Harris is bringing a lot of energy to the role of Count Olaf, and the many other faces he wears. We're hearing that two episodes will cover one of the original books so the first season will go through books 1 to 4.

The rest of the cast includes Patrick Warburton, Joan Cusack and Alfre Woodard, with the kids played by Malina Weissman (looking more than a little like Emily Browning) and Louis Hynes. Plus Catherine O'Hara is in here as well - she also appeared in the film version but the characters are different.

Men in Black helmer Barry Sonnenfeld is directing and this is shaping up to be a very impressive production indeed. All eight episodes land on the 13th of January, 2017.

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