Life on the Line trailer- Travolta vs Electricity!


Life on the Line trailer- Travolta vs Electricity!

John Travolta's career has taken a bit of a Nicolas Cage swerve over the last few years but he's back in the big leagues with Life on the Line.

Nope we lied...

This pretty much looks like the TRAVOLTA VS SPARKS movie we didn't know we wanted but now will be dreaming about until the film debuts on some kind of VOD service. It's already gone straight to video in some parts of Europe.

Plus points- that's one mighty beard on the man and the accent is so awful it might be worth a giggle or two. We don't know if its fair to include his 'Academy Award Nominee' status here- he actually has two for acting in Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever. Other slumming stars here include Kate Bosworth, Gil Bellows, Julie Benz and Sharon Stone.

Maybe best avoid this one.

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