London Has Fallen poster - Big Ben takes a hit


London Has Fallen poster - Big Ben takes a hit

Despite being a pretty crappy action flick, 2013's Olympus has Fallen made over $160 million at the box office - which is actually a good deal less than fellow president flick White House Down ($205 million) but Olympus cost a lot less.

That kind of mediocre success breeds sequels apparently as Gerard Butler's secret service agent is heading to pastures new with President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Ackhart). This time, the pair are at the funeral of of the British Prime Minister, who died in mysterious circumstances. But oh no! there's a threat to the most powerful people on Earth and only Gerard Butler can save them!

That's the plot, which also brings in a new character - an MI6 agent played by Charlotte Riley (Edge of Tomorrow and Tom Hardy's missus) - and you can expect lots more killing in the name of freedom. The first poster has also dropped, giving you a further idea of the political subtleties the film will offer... Gotta love that tagline.

The supporting cast, including Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo also make a return. Swedish director Babak Najafi takes the helm.

London has Fallen is in cinemas in October 2015.

London Has Fallen poster - Big Ben takes a hit on
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