Lost TV show is coming back - for a music concert!


Lost TV show is coming back - for a music concert!

Lost the TV show was the ultimate event when it first launched in 2004 and captured the attention of millions right up to that pretty irritating finale in 2010.

We haven't yet seen an attempt to reboot it (though surely that's just a matter of time) but Lost fans do have a treat in store with some news from composer Michael Giacchino:

That's about all the information we have right now - that it will definitely be happening in 2016 and in Los Angeles. Apparently Giacchino and his sister/agent have been trying to get a show like this together for a number of years, and the pieces are finally almost in place. The score was one of the best things about the show, and Giacchino is a talented composer with work on several Pixar films including a marvellous series of songs for Inside Out.

There's no word on how the concert will unfold, will there be elements of the show played out on screens? Could the cast even end up popping along to act out moments? That's not too likely but most of them aren't particularly busy these days...

More news as we get it.

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