Lucasfilm is making perfect Star Wars props - and you can buy them!


Lucasfilm is making perfect Star Wars props - and you can buy them!

Star Wars is back in a big way, and it's not going to ever leave again with new movies every year until the Earth explodes! Maybe.

And there are all sorts of cool toys and collectibles you can get to give you a little taste of that franchise, but a new range is going to take us to a galaxy far, far away.

That's because Lucasfilm is launching its own collection, and they're extremely special. The Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition props will be made by the actual propshop at Pinewood Studios where the original items were handcrafted. They'll use the real blueprints and reference models and will, essentially, be the exact thing that was used in the films.

They look incredible.

Just look at how detailed the surface of those items is, from the melted material of Darth Vader's helmet to each notch and groove and worn fabric on Rey's staff. As you might have noticed, all of these initial items are from The Force Awakens, keeping the momentum of the new movies going as we gear up for Rogue One, but it would be crazy to imagine Lucasfilm not capitalising on the older films in the future.

Of course, this kind of quality comes with a price. The cheapest collectible comes in at $1250 (€1120) for the staff and lightsabers weilded by Kylo Ren and Rey and it goes all the way up to $3500 (€3200) for Vader's helmet, with only 500 being made.

Given the way these items have been developed and the nature of the francise and those costs shouldn't be a problem. There are a few issues though - despite being made in the UK, these collectibles will only be available to buy from the US at launch. You can only buy one at a time and you have to allow up to 16 weeks for shipping. Plus as its coming from Europe import duty will apply.

Still, just look at that shiny...

Lucasfilm is making perfect Star Wars props - and you can buy them! on
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