Luke Cage full trailer looks deadly


Luke Cage full trailer looks deadly

Whatever you may think about the big screen superhero comic book adaptations making the rounds, there's no doubt that the small screen versions are pretty much hitting it out of the park.

This is especially true for the partnership between Marvel and Netflix. Working with lesser known characters has given them a greater sense of freedom, while the format also allows for a long story without commerical breaks and with fewer restrictions on content.

That has led to two strong series of Daredevil and the surprisingly stunning (and deliciously dark) Jessica Jones, and now Luke Cage is almost here to add another flavour to the mix. Check out the full trailer, it's pretty deadly.

It's great to see how these self contained series are working- with different show runners and teasing out alternative genre elements. This time it's more about the action, which is fitting for an indestructible hero.

So far the connections between the tales have managed to not be too overbearing, something the big screen versions struggle with, and we hope that remains true right up til the four folks come together for the Defenders of New York.

Until then we've got Luke Cage to look forward to from the 30th of September and Iron Fist due in early 2017.

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