Luke Evans Found His First Lead Role in Dracula Untold Exhausting


Luke Evans Found His First Lead Role in Dracula Untold Exhausting

On Halloween (that's October 31st guys 'n gals) 2013 we got the chance to head along to the set of Dracula Untold near Belfast to talk to the cast and crew about the epic adventure film.

There, we chatted to Luke Evans in full costume as Vlad Tepes III, a real-life warrior and ruler who lived in the mid 1400's and became known for his brutal torture of his enemies, partly inspiring Dublin writer Bram Stoker when he came to write the legendary Dracula.

Evans was in fine form, still going strong on the 75th day of principal photography. When we asked about the demands of taking on his first major leading role in such a big film he admitted that the whole experience was more than a little tiring:

"It’s exhausting, I would say. My average day I get picked up at about 5am, then have two and a half hours in the make-up chair. Depending on what costume I am wearing, it could take from about 10 minutes to 40 minutes to get into costume. Then we’re on set for about 10-12 hours per day and then the de-rig takes another half an hour after that. I get picked up at 5am, and I don’t get home until about 7.30-8pm. So… tiring!"

He also talked about how there is a real pressure when one actor is essentially carrying a production like this: "You just have to keep really well. If I’m ill, it’s a big problem! [laughs] If I can’t turn up to work it’s a big deal – it’s not like theatre where you have an understudy – everything stops. That’s the only bit of pressure and stress that I deal with on the film; there’s a huge responsibility when you are playing the title role, and you are in almost every scene. You have got a lot that you are responsible for. You’ve got to look after yourself, so there have not been many late nights for me, unfortunately."

On top of all this, Dracula Untold isn't a smaller dramatic film, nor is it even standard compared to other vampire films. This feature by Irish director Gary Shore is epic in scope and scale, especially the man action scenes. Evans says: "It had been a really enjoyable job, but it’s probably the hardest thing I have done so far. Physically its been insane, I have six humungous fight sequences – one that I start tomorrow which is called ‘Vlad vs a Thousand’It says it all in the title! So its constant until the final day, I won’t be able to really rest on my laurels, there’s still a lot to do. There always is on a movie and actually it gets even crazier towards the end. But that’s what it takes to shoot a movie of this size."

All eyes will be on Luke Evans when Dracula Untold hits cinemas on the 3rd of October 2014.

Read our full interview with Luke Evans here.

Read our interview with director Gary Shore here.

Luke Evans Found His First Lead Role in Dracula Untold Exhausting on
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