Luther and Robb Stark in Bastille Day trailer


Luther and Robb Stark in Bastille Day trailer

Idris Elba is a fantastic actor with brilliant screen presence but he rarely gets to shine as the main character in a film. That's about to change in Bastille Day.

Here's the first trailer.

In the interest of honesty I admit I had to look up the description to figure out where people were supposed to be from. Most of the main characters are American, including Richard 'Robb Stark' Madden and Elba, a former CIA guy. But I really couldn't tell - Elba seems to have forgotten those great Stringer Bell tones.

The setting doesn't help either, with all of these yanks oddly hanging around in Paris while things get complicated during their national celebrations of Bastille Day. A charasmatic leading man, a random european location and a national holiday in the title... this could have been built for Liam Neeson. In many ways its also just a bigger budget version of what Elba has been doing on Luther for the last few years.

The film comes from director James Watkins who has Eden Lake and The Woman in Black Behind him. If the action is decent (and it only looks so-so) and they keep that comedy sidekick crap to a minimum it could be a bit of fun. Robb Stark is not funny.

Bastille Day is in cinemas in April 2016. The actual Bastille Day is July 14th...

-Daniel Anderson

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