Mad Max: Fury Road may be released in black-and-white


Mad Max: Fury Road may be released in black-and-white

When George Miller was promoting Mad Max: Fury Road, he said that the best version of the movie is black-and-white. Not only does such a cut exist, according to producer Doug Mitchell, but it could get a theatrical release next year.

Miller said that he demanded a black-and-white cut for the film's Blu-ray release, as well as an audio track that removed everything except the score. This plan didn't go through, but Miller may yet see his work released as he had originally intended.

In a Slashfilm piece, Miller was quoted as saying that there are "only two ways" to film a post-apocalyptic movie: make the colors incredibly vivid, or totally remove them. "The best version of this movie is black-and-white, but people reserve that for art movies now," he said.

If you want some idea of what that may look like, someone has uploaded a totally desaturated version of the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer.

Fury Road has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director on the Golden Globes and is a frontrunner in the upcoming Critics' Choice Awards with 13 nominations. So Miller may have a bit more sway from here on out.

Unfortunately, a theatrical release may be limited, but at least it hasn't been lost forever. And that means that it may be released on Blu-ray or DVD sometime in the future.

Mad Max: Fury Road may be released in black-and-white on
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