Mad Max Fury Road- New version incoming


Mad Max Fury Road- New version incoming

So this is happening- Mad Max Fury Road is getting another home video release. And this might just be worth the wait.

That's because its a version of the film called the Black & Chrome edition which strips out the colours to deliver a totally difference vision.

Here's the fairly awful artwork.

Initially we had heard that this version of the film would also just feature the score but it's not clear if that's still the case. What you will find is a new introduction by the very enthusiastic George Miller, which is always welcome.

This film will also be part of the High Octane Collection with all four films that also includes a new behind the scenes piece called Road War. This sounds like a must buy for fans as its the first ever serious look at the making of Mad Max 2, featuring new interviews with Miller and star Mel Gibson. The 1982 classic really deserves this kind of attention.

This four film collection and the new version of Fury Road will be out in December 2016.

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