Mad Max Fury Road sequel already has a title


Mad Max Fury Road sequel already has a title

Mad Max Fury Road is finally in cinemas and its just about the most insane blockbuster you're ever likely to see.

Which isn't that surprising when you consider it comes from the same director of the frankly barmy original trilogy and involved blowing real cars up in the African desert for six months.

But there was a very real chance that this film was never going to happen. Director George Miller has been sitting on the idea for years and the slow creep towards production was beset by problems including unfortunate weather. For a time, it might even have materialised as a cartoon voiced by Mel Gibson - so we're glad that didn't happen anyway.

And it seems audiences are responding, with the film pulling down $110 million worldwide since opening last week. Against a production budget of $150 million its not going to break box office records but it's also not the disaster some were pegging it to be.

Naturally, that means its time to talk sequels and thankfully Miller is already working on one. Chatting to Jeff Goldsmith, the director has confirmed that he wanted Fury Road to be the start of a new triloigy and the next entry could be called Mad Max: The Wasteland.

It has also been confirmed that Tom Hardy is contracted to appear in any immediate sequels so we could be back on the road with Max very soon indeed!

Mad Max Fury Road is in cinemas now. And it's mad...

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