Mad Max Fury Road WILL BE R-RATED!


Mad Max Fury Road WILL BE R-RATED!

Now this is a bit of a surprise, George Miller's long awaited return to the Mad Max franchise has been given an R-rating by the MPAA.

Early screenings for the film has suggested that the material was more or less in line with what was needed to secure a PG-13 rating and, given the level of nutiness on display in the trailer, I was pretty happy with that. Mayhem doesn't have to be gory and if you can deliver a kickass action film and still make it accessible to a large audience then more power to you. It also seemed like the film would need to cast a wide net, given the many production delays and a budget in excess of $150 million.

But that hasn't happened, with the offical MPAA ratingstating that the film is 'Rated R for intense sequences of violence throughout, and for distubing images.' With no mention of bad language or sex, this still feels like a film which was aiming for a younger audience, and I wouldn't be surprised if an appeal process leads to some trims in the US. Right now though, its one of the most expensive R-rated films ever made, right up there with Troy ($175m), Terminator 3 ($167m) and Alexander ($155m). Hopefully the existence of his uncut version means we'll get the chance to see it on this side of the Atlantic.

Here's a taste of what's to come... What a lovely day indeed.

Mad Max Fury Road will be in cinemas in May 2015.

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