Mad Max Fury Road Will Have a Disappointing PG-13 Rating


Mad Max Fury Road Will Have a Disappointing PG-13 Rating

Mad Max Fury Road debuted with a smash at Comic-Con, lighting up the halls with the best trailer to come out of the Con. It was big, it was loud and it looked totally batty.

And some people have seen it. The film is currently being test screened in the States and a lucky fellow got to head along to a showing in Burbank last week, dishing up the juicy goss to aintitcool. This is the second round of news from an actual screening, after a much rougher cut went before audiences earlier in the year. And so far, the buzz is all incredibly positive.

This reviewer talks about it as being a film that calls back to the best of the Mad Max movies while also delivering everything you would expect from a massively budgeted studio film. Big action and slick visuals combine with odd humour and the kinds of crazy characters which director George Miller excells at.

The result is a bit of a triumph, especially in terms of the never-ending action sequences which all cascade into one frenetic chase sequence. There's praise for Charlize Theron's crazy Captain Furiosa and Nicolas Hoult's nutty Dux, while Tom Hardy's Max seems to be more or less mute. And there's another bit of news, this cut was definitely PG-13.

That's not exactly the biggest surprise, not only was Fury Road given a budget of $100 million but it's also since gone well over that figure, thanks to numerous delays. It's also very much a studio picture, with the stars to match and a bottom line to retain, especially after the production issues.

But its also a bit of a disappointment for fans. Mad Max and The Road Warrior are incredibly violent and while Beyond Thunderdome moved into PG-13 rating it also had great 80s mullets and Tina Turner. And wasn't very good.

If the action is as good as the reviewer says then the rating might not be that big of an issue but, given the zanyness and supposed grittiness of this post apocalyptic world, the odd splash of claret can't hurt matters.

Maybe that will get added back in for the director's cut...

Mad Max Fury Road is in cinemas in May 2015.

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