Mad Max's flaming guitar really works!


Mad Max's flaming guitar really works!

If you’ve seen Mad Max, one of the standout images is the blindfolded man rocking out with a fire-spewing guitar on the front of a truck. It turns out that the electric guitar wielded Coma the Doof Warrior really works!

Production designer Colin Gibson revealed that director George Miller likes working props. He told MTV, “I have in the past built him props that I thought were just supposed to be props, and then he goes, ‘Okay, plug it in now.’”

He learned his lesson, and ensured that the electric guitar worked for the shooting of Mad Max. Gibson said, “Yes, the flame throwing guitar did have to operate, did have to play, the PA system did have to work."

Australian iOTA had the pleasure of being strapped to an 8-wheel drive, blindfolded, and playing the guitar. And he did it all with just six weeks to get used to the whole scenario.

Gibson also revealed why Doof Warrior was brought on the convoy; he can play guitar really well. “Pretty much everybody had to have a reason for existing", said Gibson.

"His reason for existing was that he could play the guitar — and there was sort of a theory of what the social hierarchy and everything was: you were either available to do battle, as a war boy; or you had a higher status than anyone else; or you had a particular skill. He had this talent to play the guitar — so he certainly had earned his place in the pantheon."

If you haven’t seen Mad Max yet, we’d recommend you do so ASAP. It is the action movie of the year.

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