Magic Mike XXL Trailer - Channing Tatum Does Flashdance


Magic Mike XXL Trailer - Channing Tatum Does Flashdance

So Magic Mike was a pretty weird movie.

Channing Tatum did some dancing, there was some raunchy humour and a lot of dry humping and then things cut out to a strangely serious drama about life and stuff.

Still the film did serious dollars, earning close to $180 million on a $7 million budget so, despite an ending which saw Tatum walking away from ze stripping, he's totally back to look incredibly buff on stage again. And also make some dancy references to Flashdance while welding or something.

Soderbergh isn't back as director and everyone involved has been calling this more of a road trip comedy, with extra added dry humping. Tatum once more worked on the script which sees the strippers heading to Myrtle beach for a stripping convention. Which is apparently a real thing.

Gergory Jabobs directs (he's been Soderbergh's second unit guy for years) and the new cast includes the likes of Amber Heard, Andie McDowell and Elizabeth Banks. Oscar winning Matthew McConaughey isn't returning.

Magic Mike XXL (which we're sure describes his personality) is in cinemas from the 1st of July 2015.

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