Marvel's Iron Fist teaser is maximally mystical


Marvel's Iron Fist teaser is maximally mystical

There's a long term plan for all things Marvel on Netflix, and after Luke Cage gets his own run later in 2016, we're going to get to know Danny Rand. Or Iron Fist.

Here's the very mysterious teaser from Comic Con.

Mr Rand went missing and returns to New York after several years with a new bearded look and some martial arts expertise, oh and also the ability to call on the power of the Iron Fist, which should come in handy in the fights.

English actor Finn Jones is Rand, he's best known as Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Or he used to be... This is looking like a show which furthers the sense of over the top powers, something which was very subtle in Daredevil, a little more blatant in Jessica Jones and will get a bigger workout in Luke Cage.

Iron Fist is expected to debut in 2017.

Marvel`s Iron Fist teaser is maximally mystical on
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