Marvel's Luke Cage trailer- he's unstoppable


Marvel's Luke Cage trailer- he's unstoppable

We've already met Luke Cage, with the character having a pretty major role in the standalone Jessica Jones series last year. Now he's getting his own show.

Marvel's Luke Cage will get a full 13 episode run on Netflix on the 30th of September, and the first trailer has debuted at Comic Con in San Diego. We've already Mike Colter's Cage get into action mode but this is a whole other level.

Check it out.

That's a pretty great scene, and another sign of the incredible production value TV is capable of these days. Of course it's not really TV, it's Netflix and with an added extra bump thanks to some Marvel money but it's still very impressive.

Colter is a great pick for the role and he's matched by the marvellous Mahershala Ali in a rare villain role. You might recognise the actor as Remy Danton in another Netflix show House of Cards but he's also brought maximum cool to Treme and a long standing role on The 4400.

We're also hearing that the very busy nurse Claire Temple played by Rosario Dawson will be popping up, and so far she's a common thread to all the Marvel shows. Episodes one and two are being directed by Paul McGuigan, who helmed Sherlock and the recent Victor Frankenstein.

All 13 episodes are out on the 30th of September, 2016.

Marvel`s Luke Cage trailer- he`s unstoppable on
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