Mel Gibson could make The Passion of the Christ 2: Jesus Returns


Mel Gibson could make The Passion of the Christ 2: Jesus Returns

Mel Gibson is a fine actor and a pretty terrific director, and also unfortunately a crazy person with some serious personal issues. This came to the fore in 2006 when he raged against a police officer and, let's not forget, in 2010 when he was found guilty of physically beating his partner Oksana Grigorieva.

For once, this famous person didn't just go quiet for a year and resurface, with Gibson's career all but dead for the last decade. He's slowly back on the rise of late, with parts in The Beaver and The Expendables 3 and had his first film as director in 10 years in Hacksaw Ridge, due out later on in the year. There's also Blood Father, which might actually be a documentary.

And Gibson has even bigger plans for the future, with news that he could return to craft a sequel to 2004 hit The Passion of the Christ. Hollywood Reporter has the scoop direct from frequent collaborator Randall Wallace who wrote Braveheart and Hacksaw Ridge.

The screenwriter says that Gibson wants to tackle the resurrection of Christ in the same hard hitting way he did with The Passion, and that the script is in the works. The project is gaining steam and it was getting too big to keep under wraps, according to Wallace.

This would certainly be one way for Gibon so get a lot of attention but there's also a real possibility of failure, particularly after his personal issues and the massive success of the first film. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

Mel Gibson could make The Passion of the Christ 2: Jesus Returns on
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