Melissa McCarthy's Spy scores big at the box office worldwide


Melissa McCarthy's Spy scores big at the box office worldwide

Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy and directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) is a very funny film and one which had been picking up strong reviews from critics ahead of release. And now it's also a massive box office success, scoring big in the US and worldwide in its opening weekend.

The film took a cool $30 million in America, and that's in the face of considerable competition from horror entry Insidious Chapter 3 which managed a strong Friday off the back of genre fans eager for another entry in the series. Better still, Spy picked up a further $56.5 million in its international locations for a grand total of $85.6 million worldwide on a 60 or so budget.

For an R-rated comedy with a female lead, that's a massive start and shows the bankability of McCarthy as well as the appreciation of fans for a really good comedy from time to time. It's a very cleverly made film, relying on the presence of stars like Jason Statham as well as skewering the spy movie genre while also providing suprisingly kick ass action. So don't be surprised to see it hang on in cinemas, especially as word of mouth grows.

The Rock's San Andreas took second place in its second week with a very decent $26.4 million for 152 worldwide while Insidious 3 had to settle for third with a decent $23 million, especially considering its budget of less than £10 - though you have to wonder where they spent it considering the first two films were a fraction of that.

The Entourage made an inauspicious debut with just over $10 million and Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2 were very close in sixth and seventh. Disney's Tomorrowland is almost forgotten already, taking just $7 million for $169 million total worldwide (of a 190 budget) - a disappointment no doubt but the film wasn't earning many fans.

At 8 was Avengers Age of Ultron which took just over $6 million to become the fifth highest grossing flick of all time on $1.348 billion. Rounding out the top 10 were Cameron Crowe's Aloha (which everyone is hating) and Poltergeist, which dragged down $52 so far.

With just a couple of days before Jurassic World explodes into cinemas, these movies will be hoovering up everything they can. Though we're thinking the counterprogramming Spy will manage to hold on pretty well.

Melissa McCarthy`s Spy scores big at the box office worldwide on
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