Michael Bay back for Transformers 5


Michael Bay back for Transformers 5

Ok so I don't hate the Transformers movies.

While it has certainly seen better days, Age of Extinction was just wilfully entertaining. Was it also stupid, bombastic and even a bit insulting? Yes, but when the explosions started that all pretty much ceased to matter.

The unique personality of these films has a lot to do with director Michael Bay, who has a pretty weird sense of humour and an approach to action which is among the most spectacular around. You may not particularly like the thing he does, but there's no denying that he does it well. And he has the box office receipts to prove it.

Bay continually says that he's done with the Transformers series but always finds a way to return, presumably because the pay cheque is too good to turn down. And so it goes again, as the filmmaker has confirmed he's set to work on Transformers 5.

In an interview with Rolling Stone he admitted he's on board for the sequel, and that Mark Wahlberg will also return. The film will arrive in cinemas in 2017, a neat 10 years since the original debuted. Bay hasn't been resting on his laurels though, he crafted the very fun Pain and Gain after Transformers 3 and has another 'smaller' picture out soon - 13 Hours. It's a true-ish tale again, about a heroic rescue in the Libyan city of Benzhazi in 2012. He's also busy producing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel, set for release this summer.

-Daniel Anderson

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