Michael Bay casts homeless dog in Transformers 5


Michael Bay casts homeless dog in Transformers 5

You've probably seen quite a few Michael Bay movies, he's been behind The Rock, Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pain and Gain and the entire Transformers franchise to date - and you've probably enjoyed quite a few of them.

His next is Transformers The Last Knight and its due out next summer. All sorts of things will explode and the movie will make upwards of 600 million worldwide, despite not being reviewed so well.

The one big difference this time is that Bay has made a big casting coup, with a dog called Freya. She's a Staffordshire bull terrier from the UK who has been living in animal shelters for all of her life, after being picked up as a stray at six months.

Now six, she's never managed to find a home, partly due to the fact that she also has epilepsy. Well now Bay has placed her in a role in the new movie, as a way to see if she can get somewhere to live in the future.

The massively successful director has said that if no one takes her she will find a place in his home. Which is a pretty nice story, confirming yet again that he's a pretty decent fellow.

The Last Knight will also see the return of Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel and adds Sir Anthony Hopkins to the cast. See it in cinemas in June 2017.

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