Michael Bay Discusses His Unique Take on Action in This Short Doc


Michael Bay Discusses His Unique Take on Action in This Short Doc

I'm still a fan of Michael Bay.

I'm not ashamed to admit this but there did come a point a couple of years back, a dark time after Transformers 3, when I almost lost faith. But then came the unmitigated madness of Pain and Gain, which reminded me of the old-fashioned Bayhem, and the fairly entertaining Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Mainly I like him because he's one of the few directors of any size these days who has the ability to mount truly awe-inspiring action sequences. While frenetic editing has limited their appear in recent years, you simply can't argue with the scale of his set-pieces and the extra-ordinary images he produces.

And it's all down to being an incredibly exacting filmmaker who knows exactly what he wants on a technical level. His stories may be utter nonsense, but he knows exactly where to place that explosive and - more importantly - where to stick his multiple cameras for maximum effect.

The 49 year old director discusses his 'special sauce' in this behind the scenes extra from the Transformers Age of Extinction home video release.

I think this is all pretty cool, not least the way in which he frequently focusses on shooting as much as possible practically. Now I just wish he could make a few smaller-budget action flicks complete with plenty of nasty violence.

Yes my brain is a bit weird.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is on DVD and blu-ray now. Bay's next might just be Bad Boys 3. Which is fine by me.

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