Michael Fassbender Returning in Prometheus Sequel


Michael Fassbender Returning in Prometheus Sequel
Irish actor confirms he'll be reprising his role as David in Prometheus sequel...

Although it'll come as no great surprise to anyone who's been following the news about the planned sequel to Alien spin-off Prometheus, Irish actor Michael Fassbender has come out to confirm that he'll be reprising his role as android David in the follow up to the 2012 movie.

In an interview with website Collider, Fassbender claimed that he was definitely doing a sequel, but didn't know when it would happen. When asked whether he was looking forward to working with director Ridley Scott again, the Irishman said "For sure. I love Ridley, he's a master filmmaker."

The project recently signed writer Michael Green up to work on the script, but there's yet to be any kind of official confirmation that the project is actually in the works - although it's seen as a given by many within the movie industry.

It had previously been unknown whether or not director Scott would return for the follow up, but based on Fassbender's comments it looks as though his involvement is likely in some capacity.

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