Michelle Yeoh cast in Star Trek Discovery - Great News!


Michelle Yeoh cast in Star Trek Discovery - Great News!

Star Trek Discovery has had some setbacks in recent months, with a delay from January 2017 into the summer and the loss of showrunner Bryan Fuller.

They're actually also positive moves in a way, with the first intended to give everyone more time to get it right and the second down to Fuller's many other duties right now. And there's more good news too, as a major role seems to have been revealed.

Coming Soon was chatting to Trek legend Nicholas Meyer, who helmed Trek 2 and 6, about the blu-ray of his 1979 film Time After Time. The writer and director dropped these words on Discovery which he's consulting on:

"I know Michelle Yeoh is in it."

It's pretty likely that he wasn't supposed to reveal that information but it's out of the bag now. The set up for Discovery is supposed to focus on a crewmember who isn't the captain, a Lt. Commander and a wider set of characters. We could easily see Yeoh in this role. and Fuller previously mentioned that they were looking for it to be a female character.

54 year old Yeoh has been on our screens in any number of classic films, including Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Sunshine, Fearless and Tomorrow Never Dies, as well as many stunt heavy Chinese films. We can't wait to see who else joins her in the cast.

Stark Trek Discovery is set to arrive in May, 2017.

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