Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates review


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates review

Mike and Dave are chronic disaster humans, dates probably won’t help.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is based on a true story. No really – Mike and Dave Stangle took to Craigslist in February 2013 in search of dates for an upcoming ceremony. You can still read the listing over here and it’s pretty entertaining stuff.

This being the internet, the post went viral and they had hundreds of responses, though that’s pretty much where fact and fiction diverge.

In the film they get to be played by Zac Efron and Adam DeVine, one of the brothers is definitely winning the attractiveness lottery. They’re tricked by Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick who are ‘bad’ girls looking for a free trip to Hawaii. Hijinks ensue.

As for the film itself beyond it’s odd gestation it’s just fine. Efron and DeVine make for a pretty good pairing and the foursome completed by Kendrick and Plaza certainly ticks all the comedy boxes on paper.

In reality the jokes are decidedly hit and miss, partly because the flick goes out of its way to make most of its characters oddly unlikeable. Even supporting players have few redeeming features, with Efron and Kendrick the closest to normal but still fairly weak.

When a few gags land in a row it’s an entertaining enough ride and you certainly can’t say that DeVine isn’t giving his all in each and every scene. The whole thing just feels a bit flat- unsure of whether its reaching for uber raunchy territory or something a little more sweet natured.

First time feature director Jake Szymanski founders in that middle ground while his cast work extra hard to keep the energy up, with fitful help from Bad Neighbours writers Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien.

Still if you’re a fan of at least two of the main cast and favour comedy of the curse-laden variety this should work for you.


- Daniel Anderson

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