Mockingjay wins the weekend box office


Mockingjay wins the weekend box office

The finale of The Hunger Games series stood firm at the US box office this past weekend, holding onto the top spot for the huge Thanksgiving audience.

Mockingjay Part 2 scored $51.6 million in its second weekend on release, which was enough to see off even newer films from major studios. That haul brings its worldwide total to $440 million after 10 days on release. The new film had the smallest opening to date and isn't likely to surpass the biggest earner in the series, 2013's Catching Fire which took in a massive $865 million worldwide.

Still the result was high enough to claim the top spot, even over a major new release like Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. It would be fair to say that the hype machine never really got going for this flick, maybe because it arrived so soon after the amazing Inside Out. It took in $39.19 million over the weekend, which isn't bad for this time of year but makes it one of the lowest earning openings of all time for Pixar.

Elsewhere, Rocky sidestep Creed is continuing to get some serious attention, clawing back $30.1 million for $45 million worldwide already. With a modest budget of $35 million and some very strong reviews, it looks like this could be a big success for the long dormant franchise, especially as it has plenty of territories left on its hit list - the film doesn't arrive in Ireland until January 15th 2016.

Spectre took 4th place with $12.8 million and it has $750 million globally - a huge figure but unlikely to touch the record breaking haul by Skyfall three years back. The rest of the top 10 includes The Peanuts movie and comedy The Night Before, which is out locally this coming weekend.

The Secret in their Eyes remake is at 7, Spotlight is at 8 and Irish-American drama Brooklyn comes in at number 9. The Saoirse Ronan starrer earned $3 million at the weekend for $7.2 million in the States so far, and that doesn't include international figures.

The Martian comes in at number 10 and its opening in China pulled down another $50, making it the 9th biggest film of the year at over $545 million. In less pleasant news Victor Frankenstein opened wide in the US and was totally ignored - taking just $2.35 million. It's not a massively expensive film at $40 million but plans for any kind of franchise will now be pretty unlikely.

Mockingjay wins the weekend box office on
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