Movie Previews August 2014


Movie Previews August 2014

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue


Last year, Planes was a perfectly watchable animated flick which came from DisneyToon Studios – a cheaper alternative to the head honchos at Pixar. The story was fun enough and it did an ok job of hiding the fact that it was really all about selling toys. Just 12 months on, and the sequel is here – with the Fire and Rescue tag looking like it will add plenty more action. The voice actors from the first film (like Dane Cook) return and they’ve got some decent company from Ed Harris and Teri Hatcher. At least it’s better than Cars 2.

The Expendables 3


The Expendables movies are what they are - an excuse for getting the really, really old gang back together to shoot some folks without moving very fast. For fear of dislocating a hip. Other than that, the entertainment factor feels fairly weak – partly because you can’t really put these geriatrics through the action mill anymore and partly because some of them are just really hard to understand. For the third entry, they’ve got some help in the form of Mel Gibson – who can certainly play a villain. And the team itself is bolstered by Harrison Ford. Who literally just broke his foot in the real world on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. More from Terry Crews and Jason Statham please!

The Rover


We love us a post apocalypse and this looks like a very special entry into the sub-genre. Animal Kingdom director David Michod unspools a self-penned story set in the Australian outback 10 years after the world was devastated by an unexplained event. You might be thinking Mad Max and you could be half right – the main story deals with what happens when a gang of thugs steal Guy Pearce’s car. Bad idea. He takes one of the baddies (a crew cut sporting Robert Pattinson) and lights out for revenge. Grim and gritty action is the order of the day, and early reviews have been terrific.

Into the Storm


Thorin Oakenshield himself Richard Armitage stars as a widowed single father who has his life turned upside down when the small town of Silverton is ravaged by a series of terrible storms. He has to brave the terrible power of nature to find his teenage son who is trapped with a bunch of other kids, all while a group of thrill-seeking storm chases head into danger to try to get the best shot. This mixture of the found footage format with incredible effects and end of the world drama could be very inviting indeed.



Scarlett Johansson is a drug mule who takes too much of her own product and ends up unlocking the full potential of her brain. Because this is a movie written and directed by Luc Besson (the man behind The Fifth Element) this that our heroine can suddenly change the colour of her hair and read a book instantly. And as her power grows, she’s able to take over the mind of others and even stop time. Besson in full on silly action movie mode is a rare treat these days and with this kind of star power he has enough money to play with to make something truly spectacular. For added kudos, the film co-stars the magnificent Morgan Freeman.

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For


2005’s Sin City blew people away with its incredible stylised visuals – the images looked like they were ripped straight from Frank Miller’s graphic novels, using state of the art tech for a totally unique look. Almost 10 years on, Miller has reunited with co-director Robert Rodriguez for the long discussed sequel. Four stories have been assembled for this epic tale, including two which have never appeared in print and there’s an incredible cast on offer – from Jessica Alba to Joseph Gordon-Levitt – via the likes of Eva Green, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Juno Temple. Rodriguez hasn’t directed a decent film for years so he’ll be going out with something to prove, and he’ll be adding in some ultra-violence just to be sure.

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