Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Are Reuniting - And YOU Can Make it Happen!


Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Are Reuniting - And YOU Can Make it Happen!

You shall never forget Firefly, never.

And you'll never stop being sorry about it's demise... [I just need a moment].

BUT you can make yourself feel a little better with the knowledge that Mal and Wash are not only still bestest buddies in the whole wide world, they're also going to be on screen again together. Not only that, but you and your monies can make this magic happen. The pair are on Indiegogo right now with a project called Con Man.

The story goes thusly - Tudyk plays Wray Nerely who was on a show called Spectum which was cancelled too soon but became a cult classic. Totally original concept then. Another dude on the show Jack Moore is played by Nathan Fillon and he's since gone on to be super famous, so we're entering fiction territory a bit now. The mainstay of the show will be Tudyk's Wray going to conventions and feeling sucky that he's not as cool as Jack. It's like a nerdbro show basically - what a lovely but odd little world that is built around sci-fi series and gives the guys a chance to retell some of the stories they've picked up over the years.

They're currently looking for funding for the first three episodes of the series from IndieGoGo becaue they're pretty sure a major network won't pick up the show - and they're probably right. Tiers start as low as $5 and go right up to onscreen credits and walk on parts. There are signed props to grab and plenty more, though the level which guaranteed you a signature from Nathan Fillion for $300 a pop is already sold out. Which is pretty insane.

The total project is looking for $425,000 but they're almost a quarter of the way there with just a day gone. The presence of Fillion is really going to kick this up a notch, though it remains to be seen how often he'll actually turn up in the show.

Want to back Con Man? Get over here.

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