Nathan Fillion is in Guardians of the Galaxy 2!


Nathan Fillion is in Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

In case you missed it, Firefly and Castle fella Nathan Fillion did pop up in Guardians of the Galaxy as a hulking alien in the space prison who tries to lay a claim on Chris Pratt and gets nastily assaulted by Groot.

It's a nice little cameo for an actor who has been friends with director James Gunn for years, playing the lead in his 2006 feature Slither and also popping up in webshow PG Porn. And it looks like the two are set to work together again for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

That film is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia and Fillion has been spotted on set - kind of. Actually photos have emerged of the actor appearing in posters for made up movies starring the character of Simon Williams. That's the alter ego of a superhero called Wonder Man, who also spent time as an actor.

It's all pretty complicated when you think about it - especially when you see the kinds of films he's 'starring' in.

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There are a few films which are takeoffs of other popular pictures but the most interesting is definitely Tony Stark. The poster looks like the one from Steve Jobs and it's obviously a biopic of the character played by Robert Downey jr.

That suggests this film festival takes place in Earth and in the present day, so it could mean the Guardians end up setting down on our home planet. It's also pretty interesting because this is a superhero who became an actor playing the part of another superhero.

Wonder Man even has a similar history to Stark, with a father who owned a massive munitions company, and there's a complicated history between the two of them. Now these poster don't mean that Fillion will be appearing in the film but let's assume that he is showing up at his own film festival and given that he has superpowers he might be able to help out the Guardians.

Now we're just praying that he gets to show up in Infinity War and meet up with Iron Man face to face.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is in cinemas in April 2017.

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