Neil Burger Was Too Exhausted to Take on Divergent Sequel Insugent


Neil Burger Was Too Exhausted to Take on Divergent Sequel Insugent
12 month turnaround too much for the director

Limitless director Neil Burger may not have been the obvious choice for a big budget adaptation of young adult novel Divergent but the gamble really paid off - with the first movie in the series already getting close to $150 million worldwide.

And the entire process has been a whirlwind for the filmmaker - who was only confirmed on the project 18 months before it hit cinemas. When we spoke to him recently, we asked about the pressures of the last year and half: "It’s been sort of 24/7. Because we really just finished editing at the very beginning of March... It was a crazy condensed schedule. It’s a big moviewith a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of visual effects even though a lot of them are invisible. There’s a lot of music and characters in the movie, there’s a lot of story to tell"

It was recently announced that Burger wouldn't be returning for sequel flick Divergent, which is already getting ready to shoot with Red directorRobert Schwentke at the helm. And partly that was down to just how intense Divergent was to shoot: "This movie came out in March in the States and the next one they want in cinemas in March of 2015! In order to do that they start shooting in two months and that was going to be impossible for me."

So its bittersweet for the director - having put all the time into creating the world he now has to hand it off to someone else to continue the story. He says: "It is a little strange actually. I’m really proud of the movie and I had a very particular vision for it and I feel like we achieved that. And I’m really proud of the cast that I put together and I’m really fond of all of them as people. So it is hard to let it go but on the other hand it’s a relief as well because it has been such a crazy schedule."

Divergent is in cinemas now.

Read our full interview here.

Neil Burger Was Too Exhausted to Take on Divergent Sequel Insugent on
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