Netflix has a new icon


Netflix has a new icon

Netflix has become the name in entertainment over a surprisingly short period of time, and it's now producing some of the finest TV ever made, streamed right to your screen for a monthly fee.

It's a very recognisable brand, so it's all the more strange to hear that the company is introducing a new logo. Check it out below.

Well it certainly has the advantage of being streamlined and quite different to what came before but the letters on the white background remains more iconic.

Which is just as well because both are going to be in use. This single 'N' image has been created mainly as the profile picture for social media - so to fill the small square box on services like Twitter and Facebook. When you open up Netflix on your PC or console you'll still see the older logo.

The mobile app might include the new icon in the future, but otherwise Netflix isn't changing too much. Yet!

Netflix has a new icon on
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