Netflix has found its Iron Fist


Netflix has found its Iron Fist

Marvel and Netflix have teamed up on a long term basis to bring certain characters to the streaming screen. It all kicked off with Daredevil in 2015, followed up by Jessica Jones later in the year. A second set of episodes for Daredevil is on the way, followed by our introduction to Luke Cage, set for later in 2016.

Beyond that, the heroes to date will team up for a Defenders of New York mini series but first we have to meet the last of the pack - Iron Fist. We don't know when that show will first air but the latest news is that Netflix has found it's lead in the form of 27 year old English actor Finn Jones.

Who? Well he's actually appeared in a full 17 episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones as Loras Tyrell - the fella who has some sexytimes with Renly Baratheon and is the brother of Natalie Dormer's Margaery. He was also in Hollyoaks and this Sleeping Beauty film you've never heard of.

Iron Fist also known as Daniel Rand, is an American with Asian heritage (good casting so) who travels to a mysterious city as a child in search of revenge for reasons which might be considered a spoiler if they didn't happen 30 years ago in the comics. Anyway he trains a lot and conditions his fists and might gain some supernatural powers - we're not sure how far the Netflix show is going to push these after being relatively subtle in Daredevil and a little less so in Jessica Jones.

The shows so far have been of a really high quality and Luke Cage has already made a great impression during his time on Jessica Jones, so we're naturally looking forward to seeing what happens with Iron Fist. Now that the casting has been revealed, it's likely the show will debut in 2017. Could we see those Defenders by 2018? Time will tell.

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