New Ghostbusters denied release in China


New Ghostbusters denied release in China

We've already mentioned how much fun the new Ghostbusters film is but the major test is still to come with a release in the United States on the 15th of July.

It's a sequel to a beloved American film, set in New York, with an American cast and filmed... in Australia. The opening weekend in the US will tell us everything about the potential of the film and pretty much determine whether a sequel is going to happen.

And it turns out it's going to be by far the biggest market Ghostbusters will have, as the film has been denied a release in China. This doesn't seem to be for any censorship reason, though there are supposed to be restrictions on supernatural films in the country. Instead it comes out of the fact that only a limited amount of foreign movies are allowed to be released in each calendar year.

Beyond that, there's a perception that the film might have limited appeal locally, given there was very little interest in the previous entries in the franchise.

The result for Ghostbusters could be quite dire, given the sheer size of the Chinese theatrical market. On the other hand if the film didn't land with audiences there it would be a waste of further resources that might be better spent elsewhere.

Either way the film is already facing an uphill struggle with public perception, even as critical reviews are continuing to be fairly positive. We'll have a box office report next week.

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