New Gravity Trailer - Selling the scary silence of space


New Gravity Trailer - Selling the scary silence of space
No one can hear you soil yourself
By now it should be fairly clear that we're looking forward to Alfonso Cuaron'sGravity just a little bit, and news out of the 2013 San Diego Comic-con makes our anticipation for the new film all the more tough to bear.

While those at the Con got to see a lengthy piece of footage showcasing Cuaron's attempt to tell the story with as few apparent cuts as possible, we've had nothing but a teaser trailer to go on... until now. Get a two minute glimpse at what will be on offer later in the year with the Detached trailer below.

It's great to finally get an idea of the fluid camera movements the director is going for, the evolution of several long take scenes in his 2006 masterpiece Children of Men. Of course, in a largely CG environment these camera movements are much simpler and arguably the notion of a cut in CG space is nothing but a left over from live action filmmaking but that doesn't lessen the impact of this scene.

Another interesting point here is the presence of another astronaut on the mission, though they're far in the background and don't look to be doing so well. There was something very appealing about a movie featuring just two main actors, so let's hope Cuaron keeps everything else in the background.

We get the impression that these scenes happen very early in the movie so it remains to be seen exactly what fills out the rest of the running time and if there's any hope of a happy ending for these unfortunate space walkers.

Gravity stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and is written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron. It debuts at the Venice Film Festival in late August before hitting TIFF in September and going on general release in October.

New Gravity Trailer - Selling the scary silence of space on
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