New Pixar short Piper looks gorgeous


New Pixar short Piper looks gorgeous

We won't be getting Finding Dory in these waters for another few weeks (July 29th to be exact) but that's no reason not to start getting excited.

That's doubly true when you remember that a new Pixar film also means a new animated short which will screen ahead of the picture. This has been a tradition with the studio since A Bug's Life with Geri's Game and continues today.

For 2016, we're going to be treated to Piper. And it looks like it's going to be uncommonly gorgeous. Here's a tiny sneak peek.

That's all we want to know for now, and about as long as we wish all trailers were! There will be a cute bird, who wants something to eat and the graphics are almost photorealistic. Sign us up!

Pixar's short game has been decent but hardly spectacular over the last few years. Lava and The Blue Umbrella were fine and Sanjay's Super Team had a lot of heart but wasn't that visually interesting. Piper could well be a new classic to stand with the likes of For the Birds or Day & Night.

Finding Dory is in Irish cinemas on the 29th of July, 2016.

New Pixar short Piper looks gorgeous on
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