New Pokemon movie coming- and it sounds weird


New Pokemon movie coming- and it sounds weird

Ok so Pokemon Go is big business and movie studios love the smell of money, so there's a new Pokemon movie in the works.

Legendary Pictures, the folks behind Pacific Rim and Godzilla, have won the battle for the license against fierce competition. Now they've got dips on a potential new franchise of live action movies, according to Deadline.

However this won't be a game about Ash trying to catch them all, instead it will draw from an idea around a version of Pikachu with special detective skills...

This is based on the actual game Great Detective Pikachu which was released exclusively on the 3DS in Japan in February 2016. It's about a boy called Tim who finds a talking Pikachu who isn't very good at fighting but fancies himself as a bit of a Sherlock, so they go off and solve mysteries.

It's a pretty strange direction to take the franchise in its first outing, working on a spin off of the familar tale, but maybe it could help to generate a more interesting series of films. Or it might alienate fans and confuse newcomers entirely.

We're hearing this is likely to be fast tracked so expect a writer, director and cast to be confirmed by 2017.

New Pokemon movie coming- and it sounds weird on
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