New Riddick film and TV show coming soon


New Riddick film and TV show coming soon

2000's Pitch Black was a fun action flick/creature feature which basically invented the Vin Diesel we know today, just a year before the first Fast and Furious film. And while Dom has had a lot more success on the big screen, it seems that Riddick's return is basically inevitable.

So far we've had the cheap and fun Pitch Black, the overwrought and overexpensive Chronicles of Riddick in 2004 and a long delayed sequel, the pared back Riddick in 2013. None of them were big at the box office, with Chronicles actually making a loss, though they all gained a lot more attention on home video. Mostly, they continued to exist through the sheer force of will of Diesel himself. And that's not about to stop.

The actor took to his personal Instagram yesterday to announce that another movie is in the works. It's a safe bet that Judi Dench won't be in this one...

So not only is original writer/director David Twohy working on a new script for a big screen Riddick sequel which will be called Furia but Diesel has his own TV company now, and they're going to make a spin off set in that same universe. Merc City will check in on some other sordid characters in that 'verse, and we wouldn't be surprised if the main man himself pops in for a cameo or two.

This is exciting news indeed if you're a fan of Riddick. And surely someone has to be other than Diesel, right...?

New Riddick film and TV show coming soon on
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