New Screenwriter for Mission Impossible 5


New Screenwriter for Mission Impossible 5
Newcomer set to take up writing duties...

As the early behind the scenes work on the forthcoming fifth installment of Tom Cruise's popular Mission Impossible series continues unabated, reports are emerging that the flick has nabbed itself a brand new screenwriter, although his identity might leave a few people scratching their heads.

If you're not familiar with the name Will Staples, then don't worry, because he's a writer that's cut his teeth not in the movie or TV industries, but in the world of video games. The writer has worked on some huge games in the past, including Activision smash hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as well as Need for Speed: Rivals (although given the lack of story found in the latter, we wouldn't be rushing to hold that up as an example of his competence).

The movie's director, none other than Christopher McQuarrie, who isn't a bad screenwriter himself, clearly believes that Staples has got what it takes, which is definitely a good sign, and the novice comes in in place of Drew Pearce, who co-wrote Iron Man 3 - although his involvement pre-dated that of McQuarrie on the project.

With Mission Impossible 5 already lined up for a release date in December of next year, things will need to up the pace a little in order not to miss out on the lucrative holiday windoow.

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