New Spider-Man movie could be called Homecoming


New Spider-Man movie could be called Homecoming

We've already had two takes on the Spider-Man story since 2002 and now a third is on the way. But this time it's a little different as Sony has reached a landmark agreement with Disney to bring the web-slinging superhero into the fold of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That means he'll get to appear alongside the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, Falcon and more, popping up first in Civil War which is in cinemas in just a few short weeks. Naturally, the plans don't stop there, with a new standalone Spidey film also in the works. It's set for release in July 2017 and we might already have a clue on the title - Homecoming.

That comes from a domain which Sony has registered and might tie into some elements of a character arc from the 1980s but it is still too early to speculate. There are a whole mess of projects on the boil and this could be referring to any one of them, or even a video game, or a title which won't be used in the end.

What we do know is that the film will star new Spider Tom Holland and it will be directed by Jon Watts. He has been saying that it will focus more on the high school antics of this acrobatic fellow, and that it's more a teen movie. That's an interesting direction to take the film, especially as its now part of the Marvel-verse where things are generally quite grown up and dire.

For now, be sure to check out Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War on the 28th of April 2016.

New Spider-Man movie could be called Homecoming on
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