New Star Wars Rogue One trailer- it's getting emotional


New Star Wars Rogue One trailer- it's getting emotional

Star Wars Rogue One is in cinemas in a few short weeks, and the trailers are getting more and more emotional.

Here's the latest International promo. That means some subtitles. Get over it.

There's a good amount of new footage here, suggesting we're going to see quite a lot of the relationship between Felicty Jones and Mads Mikkelsen, who play daughter and father, and the ramifications for the plot.

It also seems like things maybe don't go so well for this little rebellious group, there's a lot of talk of striving on in the face of failure. I'm thinking some of these characters won't make it through.

Jones is a decent actress but something about these scenes doesn't quite convince. She seems a little quavery for a leader, but hopefully this will change in the full cut.

Rogue One is in cinemas on th 15th of December, 2016.

New Star Wars Rogue One trailer- it`s getting emotional on
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