New Star Wars Titles and Release Dates Revealed - Rian Johnson FTW!


New Star Wars Titles and Release Dates Revealed - Rian Johnson FTW!

The Star Wars universe is getting much bigger, and now we have some new details.

For one, the first ever spin off movie for the franchise is coming in 2016 and its going to be called Star Wars Rogue One. It's directed by Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards and will star Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones in some kind of lead role. Information to date suggests the story could be about a group of bounty hunters who come together (maybe because of cash) to steal the plans for the first death star. That would place it as a prequel to A New Hope and expand the universe in all kinds of interesting ways. And it would also mean that these characters can actually die - which would be most refreshing. Not that I'm bloodthirsty. Much.

Rouge One will debut in December 2016, a year after The Force Awakens - though Episode VII may still get an earlier release date if rumours are to be believed. The other news was familiar but welcome, with Rian Johnson finally officially confirmed as the writer and director of Star Wars VIII. The Looper filmmaker is a supremely talented fellow and we can't wait to see what he does with a bigger budget, even if he does have to inherit a cast, tone and setting from JJ Abrams.

Episode VIII will be in cinemas in May 2017, that's 40 years and a day after the release of A New Hope. Which isn't uncool...

More as we get it.

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