New Westworld trailer - the next Game of Thrones


New Westworld trailer - the next Game of Thrones

A new trailer for Westworld debuted last night, and HBO will be hoping this is their new Game of Thrones.

Based on the 70s film written and directed by Michael Crichton, it's about an adult theme park where people can pay to enter their own Wild West town full of gunslingers and ladies of the night and do whatever they want.

The simulation is built with state of the art robotics, and obviously things start to go wrong. You can get a taste of just how violence and sexy that's going to get in this new trailer.

Westworld has a great set up and HBO is the perfect network to really show off the darker side of the idea in all its gory and frequently naked glory. They've also got the money to bring in talent like Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris and to manage the production design and special effects needs of this kind of show.

The production has had plenty of trouble over the last few years with numerous delays to tinker with the script and various episodes so with the amount of money already spent HBO will be planning on a massive hit. Let's hope it delivers.

Westworld debuts some time in October, 2016.

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