No Immediate Plans for 3 Marvel Movies Per Year


No Immediate Plans for 3 Marvel Movies Per Year
Marvel's Kevin Feige plays down talk of increased studio output...

Although there has been much discussion within the industry as to whether Marvel is shaping up to increase its annual output of comic book adaptations beyond the current two, the studio's Kevin Feige has come out to say that it's not in their immediate plans.

Speaking with Screenrant, Feige had the following to say on the matter:

There are no plans for it. Sometimes, depending on what’s ready when, it may fall that way, but we’re in a very nice rhythm right now. We’re built – the entire studio is built to confidently deliver two movies per year that we’re proud of.

These comments echo those he made last week while speaking to Badass Digest, where he outlined some of the things that would need to happen for more annual movies to happen...

I think television is filling some of that now, in terms of bringing out more product. That’s certainly the idea with the Netflix shows. But I don’t know that we will necessarily say ‘Okay, we’re now moving strategically to three a year, now we’re moving to four a year.’ What I think is more likely – if [knocks on wood-like table] the next group of movies work and people want to see additional stories – we’ll have too many franchises and you can’t do one of each franchise every two or three years. We’d have to move to three a year, but that would have to be a natural move if it were to occur. We’d have a [script] draft, we’d have a filmmaker, we’d have a character the audience wants to see – let’s slot in a place for a third one. Or a fourth one…But it’s hard enough to deliver two quality, hopefully bar-raising movies a year.

The second part in the Captain America series, The Winter Soldier, launches next month, and it's already been confirmed that a third instalment will begin shooting next year for a possible summer 2016 release, while other properties are also well on the way to new instalments, including Thor, The Avengers and even the unreleased Guardians of the Galaxy. On top of that, comic fans can look forward to some new big screen adaptations in the new future, with Doctor Strange the first on the list,

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