No Noomi for Prometheus sequel


No Noomi for Prometheus sequel

Alien Covenant is the interquel between Prometheus and Alien which you never really expected (or hoped) would happen - but it's in production now for a 2017 release.

Previously, director Ridley Scott had hinted that the sequel will involve the continuing adventures of Michael Fassbender's David and his disembodied head and also that the character of Elizabeth Shaw (that's Noomi Rapace) would have a small returning part. Now he's changed his mind.

In an interview with the Aussie press, Scott said that most of the major roles are still up for grabs and that Rapace isn't a part of the film. Fassbender and newcomer Katherine Waterston are, and there's room for a lot of other famous faces who might get their faces melted off.

Given that we've heard Covenant will be set a few decades after the events of Prometheus and will focus on a new crew, it's not surprising to see Rapace fall out of the frame. Let's see how the connective tissue towards the original Alien film is crafted in the first of two interval pictures.

Alien Covenant is set for release in October 2017.

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