North Korea Was Involved in Sony Hack - According to the FBI


North Korea Was Involved in Sony Hack - According to the FBI

The world has gone mad, and a fun-looking comedy has suffered for it.

This week, Sony Pictures took the decision to cancel any and all future release strategies for the satirical comedy The Interview, on the grounds that threats made against the American people were being taken seriously. And now it seems that North Korea may actually have been involved in the hacks which brought the company low enough to write off a $50 million flick.

Since the hack in late November, the FBI has been working closely with Sony to trace the culprits. And their efforts have found enough similarities in lines of code and practises to link the attacks directly to operations out of North Korea.

It's a pretty insane story (and no doubt one which will be deserving of its own movie once more facts are discovered) but the way the facts are right now it seems as though the entire attack was created for the purpose of stopping The Interview from being released. And considering its a farcical comedy from the makers of This is the End, the matter has reached a level far beyond sinister.

What happens from here is anybody's guess but it's a fair bet that things aren't about to get any easier for Sony and the true ramifications of this kind of intrusion will be felt for years to come.

More as we get it but here's a trailer before they, too, get ripped from the internet.

North Korea Was Involved in Sony Hack - According to the FBI on
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