One of these six teens will be the new Spider-man


One of these six teens will be the new Spider-man

It's been a pretty weird time for the character of Spider-man over the last decade or so. We had a Sam Raimi directed trilogy which descended into farce and a /quick reboot with Andrew Garfield that kicked off in 2012.

Then, all of a sudden the British actor was out as Spidey owners Sony penned a deal with Marvel and Disney to have the character appear in the current Avengers-led cinematic universe. It was decided to reboot things once more, and that means yet another actor for the role, the third in 15 years.

This new take will involve the character popping up in 2016s Captain America Civil War and also getting his own standalone flick a year later - and it's a pretty sure thing he'll be popping up in later Avengers features as well.

So who is going to be Spidey then? With the production of Cap 3 already underway, its time to make a decision. We've previously heard that Enders Game star Asa Butterfield is the frontrunner for a younger take on the character but The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that he's part of a group of six actors screen testing for the part this weekend in Atlanta.

So who else is potentially on board? The names are: Tom Holland, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer and Charlie Rowe.

Holland's name we've heard before and while he's a strong actor he doesn't quite fit with the relatively weedy requirements for early Peter Parker. He also doesn't look that young, despite being 18, something which Butterfield has going for him despite being the same age.

The rest of the list isn't all that well known but they are a little more age-appropriate, some as young as 15. That could be significant as Marvel has commented that their new Parker will be a high school kid for the new planned trilogy which could take until at least 2023 to unfold. Some of these guys will be 26 by then, though it never stood in the way of either Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire in the role.

Expect more Spidey new soon!

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