Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer is Here


Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer is Here

So I'm still a bit annoyed that the wonderfulTatiana Maslany didn't get the Star Wars standalone movie gig, she's been ripe for a big screen break for years now, but at least we still have Orphan Black.

I'm still not finished season 2 so I'm not going to watch this as it definitely has spoilers. Check it out though if you're up to date or don't mind knowing what happens.

Orphan Black is a Canadian TV show which kicked off in 2013 and revolves around a young woman called Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) who finds out that she shares a face with a group of clones. That means lots of complicated shooting for Maslany, who is often multiple people in the same scene with different accents and mannerisms. To say that its all very impressive would be an understatement, and the show is almost worth checking out for her performance alone.

Season 3 of Orphan Black arrives on the 18th of April 2015.

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