Pablo Larrain to Direct Scarface Remake?


Pablo Larrain to Direct Scarface Remake?
Chilean set to introduce us to his little friend...

We've had a few wholly unnecessary remakes down through the years, last year's utterly pointless Carrie being one of the most notable ones, but we genuinely cannot see the point nor purpose of remaking the classic 1983 flick Scarface (which, ironically, as actually a remake of sorts itself... go figure).

It's got a huge audience of hardcore fans, has well and truly permeated the public consciousness and will face the kind of comparisons that'll make it almost impossible given a fair crack of the whip by critics and moviegoers alike. But none of that is stopping Universal Pictures from forging ahead with its plans for a remake.

The latest news is that Chilean director Pablo Larrain is looking like being the man who'll be given the monstrous task of stepping into the shoes of Brian De Palma, with The Wrap reporting that a deal is almost done to sign him up for the project.

Also in the report from The Wrap are claims that the lineage of the movie's protagonist will switch from Cuban to Mexican for this modern reworking, but it's difficult to say how accurate those claims are at this early stage.

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