Pacific Rim 2 stomps into cinemas in Feb 2018


Pacific Rim 2 stomps into cinemas in Feb 2018

We're truthtelling sorts by nature and honestly enjoyed the heck out of 2013's Pacific Rim. Sure it was just about the silliest thing you can imagine but that also meant it was a terrific amount of fun - not to mention the stunning visuals, top notch effects and the fact that GIANT BOTS WERE SMASHING GIANT BEASTS IN THE FACE WITH OIL TANKERS!


So it came as a big shock when the film was pretty much ignored in cinemas in the States. Happily the international gross was big enough to earn it a sequel, and we now know that Pacific Rim 2 will be arriving in February 2018.

Unfortunately director Guillermo del Toro won't be returning, so Steven S DeKnight is stepping into the fold. He's a TV guy with credits including Spartacus and Daredevil so we're thinking he's up to the task.

Nothing is known about the film so far other than Star Wars' John Boyega will be playing the son of Idris Elba's character from the first film and that's more than enough to get us excited for now.

See it in cinemas in February 2018.

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